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 Genius design, amazing shots  

Sky Arts Music show
ITV Racing at Cheltenham
Red Bull Jimmy jib
General Election 2019


The Jimmy Jib Triangle from  Stanton is the go-to camera crane system in the UK . It's a powerful, versatile, lightweight modular camera crane system that's quick to build and easy to move. Reach is from 6ft to 40ft  and it can handle any camera package up to 27kg (60lbs) . The Triangle  jib can be built on a 3 wheel dolly, 4 wheel dolly, moy track or our JibTraxx rapid relocation buggy (currently being upgraded).

Want to fly heavier camera packages for drama and Bollywood? We can provide anything from a 50ft Techno to an Egripment Scanner Elite.




Reach: 6ft (1.8m)

Height: 13ft (3.9m)

Tail length: 3ft (0.9m)

Camera weight: 27.2kg


Reach: 18ft (5.4mm)

Height: 25ft (7.6m)

Tail length: 6ft (1.8)

Camera weight: 22.7kg


Our Standard kit included all jib lengths up to 18ft. (5.4m)

All jibs over 9ft reach require our Jib Assistant.


Reach: 9ft (2.7m)

Height: 16ft (4.8m)

Tail length; 3ft (0.9m)

Camera weight: 12kg


Reach: 24ft (7.3m)

Height: 30ft (9.1m)

Tail length: 6ft (1.8m)

Camera Weight: 22.7kg


Reach: 12ft (3.6m)

Height: 19ft (5.7m)

Tail length: 3ft (0.9m)

Camera weight: 12- 22.7kg


Reach: 30ft (9.1m)

Height: 33ft (10.6m)

Tail length: 9ft (2.7mn)

Camera Weight: 22.7kg


Reach: 15ft (4.5m)

Height: 23ft (7m)

Tail length: 6ft (1.8m)

Camera weight: 22.7kg


Reach: 40ft (12.1m)

Height: 43ft (13.1m)

Tail length: 9ft (2.7m

Camera weight: 11.3kg

Max heights are stated by the manufacturer with the camera/head 'overslung'. The Jimmy jib is not well suited to that configuration. Underslung camera is  more stable and safer, the lens height is approx 4ft lower than quoted.

Estimated Build Times:

Jib up to 18ft reach (assuming kit is in the build area) Allow 1 hr .

Jib up to 30ft reach (assuming kit is in the build area) Allow  2 hrs.

Jib up to 40ft reach (assuming kit is in the build area) Allow 3 hrs .

All jibs are LOLER tested annually and electrical equipment is PAT tested where relevant. LOLER CERTIFICATE DOWNLOAD HERE

An off-site risk assessment is supplied with every booking.. All our crews are fully insured for 3rd party liability.

Jimmy Jib
Christmans light switch on
VE Day Celebrations
Royal Albert Hall VE Day Jib shots
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