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Get an experienced location soundie, camera op or creative DOP 


We love a bit of sound and quite simply without it your pictures will seem a bit quiet. 

Working in the tv and corporate sectors we enjoy getting nice clear simple sound for your programme. We use lovely clear mics,  create simple setups and the end of the shoot you get a copy of all your audio, with inputs isolated to separate tracks plus a  mix. Nice and simple.


 Standard kit listed below but soon to be upgraded to a SD688.

Sound Devices Zoom F8 RED Helium
MKH50 on location
Location sound kit
Tentacle sync


Sound Devices SD552 / SD688 Mixer
ZOOM f8 location recorder
3 x Tentacle Sync TC boxes
Sennheiser MKH50
Sennheiser MKH416
2 x EW512 Radio mics (Ch38 licenced)
1 x EW SKP plug on TX (radio boom)
2 x Sennheiser MKE2 Gold lav mics


Available: Ambient Master Digislate
Available: Tails kit to feed up to 3 cameras
Available: IEM for Director
Available: Additional radio mic channels



Experience is key. We hail from a background of broadcast tv, live production and film style corporate.  With that in mind the credits list is huge, from car brands and heavy engineering to high tech and world events. We've worked across all genres of the industry from kids tv to factual, from news to sports, from Bollywood to Pinewood. We shoot with RED, Arri, Sony and BlackMagic cameras (depending on your work flow) and with any flavour of lens you desire. Impossible to list all the options  but if you want pretty pictures let's have a chat.

RED Helium on location
Arri Amira
Porsche RS
Hartley Hare Kids TV jib shots

The Sooty Show

Remember the kids tv show Sooty? We were a big part of the most recent series showing on tv. We did all the DIT, Jib shots and tech support for the DOP, the Soundie and crew. You can see our Digislate in action here.

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