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Here's a useful resource of user manuals for the Jimmy Jib Triangle. They form our Method Statment for the build of a jimmy jib at various lengths and configurations. Click on a jib length / description to download the PDF.

Reach: 6ft (1.8m)

Height: 13ft (3.9m)

Tail length: 3ft (0.9m)

Camera weight: 27.2kg

Reach: 18ft (5.4mm)

Height: 25ft (7.6m)

Tail length: 6ft (1.8)

Camera weight: 22.7kg

9ft (See note below)

Reach: 9ft (2.7m)

Height: 16ft (4.8m)

Tail length; 3ft (0.9m)

Camera weight: 12kg

Reach: 24ft (7.3m)

Height: 30ft (9.1m)

Tail length: 6ft (1.8m)

Camera Weight: 22.7kg

Reach: 12ft (3.6m)

Height: 19ft (5.7m)

Tail length: 3ft (0.9m)

Camera weight: 12- 22.7kg

Reach: 30ft (9.1m)

Height: 33ft (10.6m)

Tail length: 9ft (2.7mn)

Camera Weight: 22.7kg

15ft (See note below)

Reach: 15ft (4.5m)

Height: 23ft (7m)

Tail length: 6ft (1.8m)

Camera weight: 22.7kg

Reach: 40ft (12.1m)

Height: 43ft (13.1m)

Tail length: 9ft (2.7m

Camera weight: 11.3kg

Max heights are stated by the manufacturer with the camera/head 'overslung'. The Jimmy jib is not well suited to that configuration. Underslung camera is  more stable and safer, the lens height is approx 4ft lower than quoted.


Although there are no specific manuals available from the manufacturer for the 9ft and 15ft configurations these lengths are officially recognised by Stanton Video Services  as permitted configurations.

Jimmy Jib
Christmans light switch on
VE Day Celebrations
Royal Albert Hall VE Day Jib shots
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